Multi-track Recording Software – Which One To Choose?

At present, there are a high number of recording software packages available on the market, which makes it hard for a digital audio workstation user to choose the suitable one for them as they all contain individual strengths and weaknesses. How do we determine which is the best recording software package?

I am currently a Masters Student at Salford University studying Audio, Video & Social Technologies. I aim to complete a critical appraisal of currently available recording software and I need people to fill out my questionnaire, which will help me through the process.

Once it is completed, I will share my findings by completing an in depth guide to numerous currently available pieces of software.

Whats in it for you? You will be entered into a prize draw to win a £20 pound Amazon voucher.

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Spreadable Media Part 3: Analytics

If you have read my previous posts, a few of you might know that I have created three media artefacts that were spread online. I have monitored the spread of my media artefacts and here is what I have found:

Artefact 1:

I began by uploading the video onto youtube and tagging associated words such as the genre metal, rock, guitars and our associated geographic location. I even tagged similar sounding bands and artists such as Machine Head and Lamb of God so people searching for that type of music would hopefully stumble across the video.

To spread the video online, I used every social media site possible including Facebook, Twitter Reverbnation, Google + and Reddit to name a few. On Facebook, I posted the video to group pages, music community groups, other peoples timelines and posted it on a daily basis. (The good thing was that I had help from the rest of the band because they would promote the video off their own back too!)

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Spreadable Media Part 2: What is it?


Spreadable media as mentioned on my previous post is the spread of media in multiple shapes and forms. These can be spread through websites, hubs and organised interest and goal pools which harbour strong independent personalities. We are currently in a networked culture of fans and critics who circulate multiple forms of media online for one thing or another. Circulation is more in the hands of the public and the public generally spread artefacts using social media sites.

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The Future of Guitar Lessons

Fig 1. The Magnet

The Magnet is essentially a camera mount for your iPhone which lets you record videos of yourself playing  riffs both in normal speed and in slo-motion. The mount connects to the bottom of the guitar neck and you can upload videos to youtube and similar websites.  I personally think this is an amazing innovative product which would benefit beginners and could help guitarists learn in an easier way. This would be an ideal product for an online guitar tutor.

Tom Grady, creator of Cracking the Code guitar lesson videos has launched a Kick-starter Campaign where people can donate to hopefully reach the 55’000 goal it needs to be able to mass distribute the product.

3D Sound – The Future of Film

3D FIlm, love it or loath it, has been around for a more than a century now. From the use of early anaglyph glasses to the superior quality of iMax feature films which harbour greater depth and illusion, 3D has reached its peak and it has somewhat become stale to some and a gimmick to others. What next in the world of 3D? What is the content creators concentrated on sound rather than picture?

The future of 3D is here; Dolby Atmos, which is essentially surround sound technology, but with greater heights and possibility to the generic surround sound we all know and love.

dolby atmos

Fig.1 Dobly Atmos Cinema (2012)

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New Online Mastering Service

I recently stumbled upon a website that automatically masters music tracks online without the need of a human; LANDR. Apparently the website uses advanced learning algorithm in order to banish the mastering manual. Mastering as we know it is a hard task which involves finely tweaking the audio and most people need help from specialists in the music field to do it.

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Recording Bands From A Laptop

Earlier this year, i recorded my band Deified’s first EP using just my Macbook 13′” laptop running Cubase 6.5, a Line 6 Toneport GX and a set of M-Audio AV -40 speakers. I am going to go through the process which took a month or so to complete.

better green

The recording included vocals, drums, guitars and bass.

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